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Morse code practice has never been easier or more complete! 

Coach Morse is a portable Morse code practice unit which can help you learn and improve the speed at which you can receive Morse code. It was designed to provide a reliable, easy-to-operate unit with the most features for the lowest possible cost. Unlike other units on the market, it uses very low power. A set of 3 AA batteries can last several thousand hours!  (That's over four months of continuous play!)

Why use a unit such as this for improving code speed?  Few would argue that the only way to get good at receiving Morse code is practice, practice, practice.  Code tapes are one popular method, but they are not very flexible.  They only send code at fixed speeds, and the messages sent tend to be memorized after listening to them a while.  Furthermore, a tape recorder is not always available, and they are often too cumbersome to carry around.  Computer programs for sending code are great in that most allow you to choose your sending speed, and they continually send fresh code.  But they too are not always available, and even laptop and notebook computers can be too cumbersome to carry around.  In addition, every time you want to listen, it can take a minute or so to boot the computer up and get your software set up and running.  Listening to code on the air can be excellent practice, but again it is not very flexible and you donít always have a radio with you. 

What this device provides is a small, portable unit that you can keep with you and turn on quickly to listen at convenient periods of the day: riding in the car, commuting to work, while exercising, during TV commercials (if youíre one of those who watches TV), while you are on the john, during boring meetings at work (just kidding), etc.  You can turn the volume way down or use the earphone jack if you donít want to disturb others while you are listening.