eL Perch Solution Hints
Exchange puzzle for International Puzzle Party 29
San Francisco, California, August 2009
Rick Eason

The following are a few solution hints.

  1. The puzzle is based on a 3x3x3 cube. Either the L-tetromino or the V-triomino must occupy the cell at the bottom corner. If an L-tetromino is at the lowest corner, then there are six possibilities as to how that piece is oriented. If it is the V-triomino, then there are only three possibilites.
  2. Regardless of the piece chosen to occupy the bottom corner, pick the orientation that results in the most supporting cell faces in each of the three downward directions after that piece is placed (total including that piece and the remaining exposed perch area).
  3. Try to fill the lowest unsupported cells first in a way that gives them support.
  4. Be mindful at all times that the center cell must be filled; and if it is filled by the L-tetromino, you must leave room for the long edge of the piece to pass through the center cell.
  5. If you must know, one solution has the V-triomino occupying the bottom cell and two solutions have the L-tetromino there. In the latter case, the two solutions only differ by a simple rearrangement of two pieces.

© 2009, Richard Eason

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